At Body Reform Podiatry, our clinicians have gained extra qualifications in the area of children's feet and growing feet.

We also treat:

  • hip

  • leg

  • knee

  • ankle

  • foot

Problems that can be managed or resolved:

  • Growing pain - in particular in the heel and knee 

  • Arch pain 

  • Hip problems

  • Toe walkers

  • Pigeon toed

  • Bow legs

  • Knock knees

  • Bunions

  • Frequent tripping 

  • Night pain 

  • Excessive shoe wear patterns 

  • Pain with walking and wanting to be picked up

  • Late walkers 

  • Nail problems (ingrown nails, fungal nails)

Knee Pain - Body Reform Podiatry
Ankle Pain - Body Reform Podiatry
Hip Pain - Body Reform Podiatry
Leg Pain - Body Reform Podiatry
Foot Pain - Body Reform Podiatry

All clinicians’ have a strong background in orthotic therapy and the abnormal motion that can cause unwanted mechanics for the foot and ankle.

Toe Nail Surgery

Body Reform has a special interest in Nail Surgery Procedures. This involves a minor procedure where the patient is numbed and the nail is removed permanently. We also offer solutions to failed toe nail surgeries.